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The most popular dance of Salento... Pizzica. A dance able to talk about feelings, life and hopes.
Ancient as the Salento tradictions and truthful as God.
It's related to the Pizzica the phenomenon of "tarantismo" understood as exaggerations of anxiety, oppression and fear.
The Pizzica dance is seen also as a dance of courtship.
There is as well the Pizzica-Fencing known as "sword dance" still practiced In local events of Salento, here the challengers  simulate a fight.

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...può succedere che le generazioni successivi dimentichino le precedenti...
l 'autorice - danzatrice - ricercatrice degnamente rappresenta e mostra di conoscere il senso e il valore della memoria ed esprime la volontà di affluire dolcemente, mi sembra di poter capire, nel gran fiume della tradizione. can happen that later generations forget the past.... the author - dancer - researcher worthily represents and shows here to know well the meaning and the value of the memory, and expresses its intention to flow smoothly, I think I can understand, in the great river of tradition.

Alessandro Laporta
(Director at the Provincial Library of Lecce)

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... during last phase of mine research I have been raised by new questions, even bigger ... and I felt to answer them ... these questions were: " what is the real meaning of the "Pizzica dance"today ? our life is really so different from the one people lived? why many things have changed, as so many ways of doing things,but the Pizzica is "reborn" becoming today a true cultural phenomenon? because the Pizzica can be so fascinating to capture the mood of many people who were born and grew up in very distant, different... yet they feel "the call" of this rhythm, of these lyrics, sometimes not even able to understand way down the lyrics? It is the Pizzica that "pinches"?

Now the question is:  

why right now is still so practiced? why strangers love it?

Read the book and enjoy the discover of it!

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Un viaggio sul Tarantismo nela città di Galatina, luogo elettivo del fenomeno, luogo di ricerca nonché di culto e di folklore.
Dal XVII secolo ad oggi, tracciando varie tappe del tarantismo e illustrando tutto ciò che si è avuto dal mondo di degli studi negli ultimi vent'anni.
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