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Video and Photo Path "Donne"


Saturday 12th of December 2009, 5:30 p.m. Palace of Culture - Piazza Umberto I - Poggiardo (Le)

Opening of the video and photo path named" Women" by Elio Scarciglia
The inauguration will be done in the presence of the Secretary of the Vatican City Sister Enrica Rosanna, who will talk about "Being a mother in the third millennium, the art of caring"

Speakers include:
Dr. Joseph Colafati (President of the Consorzio common - the area of Poggiardo)
Dr. Pasquale De Santis (communications consultant),
Prof. Elio Scarciglia (Video maker)

The exhibition includes video Matrika, composed by Shakti dances, Matrika, Shekara.Matrika archetypes of the feminine and Louise Paul Pacciolla
In Spain music program for the evening dance live Shekara

The exhibition will be staged in the following municipalities: Andrano, Botrugno, Castro, Diso, Giuggianello, Minervino di Lecce, Nociglia, Ortelle Poggiardo, Sannarica, S. Cassiano, S. Cesarea Terme, Spongano, Surano.

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