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SelenePennetta Sicily- The blessed land

WHEN: Saturday, 31 May 2014
TIME: F. (2.15 pm to 3.30 pm)
WHERE: Ryan’s Private Dining Room, Treasury Hotel 130 William Street, Brisbane, Brisbane CBD, Brisbane (AUSTRALIA)

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“Pier 21” is a docufilm that tells stories about Italian immigration in Canada. This film is a  Georgicam Inc production written, directed and produced by Katalin Eszterhai and realised by the award winning cinematographer George Lajtai, member of the Canadian Cinematographer Society.
This film, has won many awards since its release in Italy and Canada and is something to not miss. What about its best award? Every single day the film is presented in the National Immigration Museum in Halifax (Nova Scotia).
This film will be presented by
Selene Pennetta, artist and researcher of Italian Culture who proudly takes care of the diffusion of Italian traditions through numerous activities for cultural competence development.

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About the film:
The first image of Canada for thousands of immigrants was PIER 21. in Halifax Before and after the Second World War, PIER 21 welcomed the continuous flow of immigrants who arrived from every part of the world in search of the Promised Land .  Immigrants who left behind their homeland, their loved ones, and in many cases, a lie marked by sacrifice and misery.They crossed the ocean aboard great ships they had only seen in photographs or films, reedy to begin a new life. They left in groups; together they felt courageous, less afraid… happy and excited about this new adventure they were undertaking, but with a deep, profound sadness in their hearts. If Pier 21 could talk, what incredible stories it would have to tell. Stories overflowing with emotions, courage, joy, but also, stories of pain, stories signalling the beginning and the end of dreams… dreams caressed by time.. dreams of rich, fertile lands offering new generations a secure future filled with infinite possibilities.
Most of the people you see in this film arrived to Canada  with so very little-in some instances only with the hope and aspirations that can be  born only under the most difficult of circumstances. Their courage and their determination to build something new, to build a new life for themselves and their families became in itself the foundation of so much of what we see here today. The heritage they left behind is everywhere.Their efforts, their dreams became the building stones of what we see around us. The immigrants were able to active their twofold goals. One, they found bread and work. No matter how inhuman and exploitive, it was better than the starvation they fled. And , two, they resisted the encroachment of" la via nova "into their own lives, in their terms, their audacious adventure has to be judged a success. But the price was very high……    Their courage and determination, became an inspiration to me as I studied the course of their life.  I hope my film does some little justice to their story, and that it lends the same hope to you as their story lent to me."

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